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Amicus Curiae Briefs

Mayor Brown Briefs

Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic
Briefs in the area of law, technology, and public policy.

Securities Class Action Clearinghouse
Federal class action securities fraud litigation briefs and other filings.

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
Filed in 2007 and prior.

Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
Filed in the last two weeks.

Florida Supreme Court
Cases decided since July, 1986 and the briefs filed in those cases.

Kentucky Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
Briefs submitted to the Kentucky Supreme Court in cases decided since January 2000 and Kentucky Court of Appeals in cases decided since October 2005.
U.S. Supreme Court
Briefs filed since 1999.

Michigan Supreme Court
Briefs and opinions

Missouri Supreme Court
Briefs filed since May, 1988.

Montana Supreme Court
Opinions, Orders, and Briefs.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Appellate and Amicus Briefs.

New York Appellate Division Second Department
Briefs, setting forth the parties' arguments on appeal, are available for appeals calendared between January 2004 and approximately 6 months prior to the present date.

Texas Supreme Court
Briefs filed in 1999 to the present.

Wisconsin Supreme Court
Briefs included from Published and Unpublished Cases from 173 Wis. 2d to 296 Wis.2d.
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